Sponsoring of the VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge

Sponsoring of the VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge

Why your contribution matters

The VDI is a technical and scientific association that acts as a strong partner for engineers and represents technical interests. As a non-profit association, however, it requires the support of sponsors to enable the promotion of young talents in a competition such as the VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge to this extent.

Depending on the sponsoring model you choose, you can also take actively part in the Autonomous Driving Challenge: e.g. by choosing the platinum sponsoring model you are involved in working out the rules of the AD Challenge and you become a member of the steering committee.

Besides that you also increase your own reach and demonstrate social engagement by supporting young people interested in technology with your sponsorship.

Who can become a sponsor?

We are not only happy about sponsors who share similar interests (like suppliers or car manufacturers), we are happy about sponsors of all kinds!

Interested in becoming a sponsor? You will find all informations about the sponsoring concept, the limited access to the sponsoring packages and the three different sponsoring models below.

For more information please contact us at bv-muenchen@vdi-sued.de. We are happy to help you!

Sponsoring Concept

Choose between 3 different types of sponsoring

As a sponsor of the competition, you will get numerous advantages:

  • In addition to increasing the level of awareness and a media-effective reputation, your financial commitment will also bring you into contact with young talents who are enthusiastic about technology, allowing you to expand your network.
  • Besides that, all sponsorship models include the image and video rights of the event and your logo is placed on the front page 

Those advantages are part of all three sponsorship modells.

Access to sponsoring is limited

There is a minimum amount for the highest sponsor package, the highest bidder(s) will receive the corresponding sponsorship model.

If there are too many sponsor applications, the management will select the most suitable sponsor.

We thank you in advance for your interest in our sponsoring program. We would be pleased to win you as a sponsor for the Autonomous Driving Challenge and thank you in advance for your trust and your assistance.


Sponsoring Modells | Benefits for sponsors

Basis Sponsoring

+ All rights to the pictures and videos of the event

+ Banner at the event

+ Your Logo on the website of the AD Challenge

+ Opportunity to present flyers and posters on the subject of career in the competition area

Gold Sponsoring

+ All rights to the pictures and videos of the event

+ Banner in size L at the event

+ Your Logo on the website of the AD Challenge

+ Besides flyers and posters, direct contact to the participants can be established via the stands

+ Own stand at the event

Platin Sponsoring

+ All rights to the pictures and videos of the event. In addition, the photographer will take exclusive pictures of the event for you

+ XXL banner at the event which will be the best visible at the event

+ Your Logo on the website of the AD Challenge, as well as a text for self-presentation and motivation of your company and career opportunities will be posted on the website

+ In addition to flyers, posters and on-site presence, comprehensive information on career opportunities is also made available via the competition website

+ Prominent stand on the competition site

+ Participation in the regulations

+ Access to the CVs of the participants

+ Membership in the steering committee

+ The main sponsor is presented exclusively by the addition to the name "powered by"

Costs of sponsoring

4.500 €

7.500 €

14.500 €